I like my country sometimes

My hometown heroes being amazing people. Concert for Casey was such a success and I’m so proud of the power you four have and what you use it for.


✿ we have created this blog not so much as being a type of network but to just have a blog where all time low fans can interact and share their stories experiences with the band or if you just want to express your feelings about them in general. we wanted a blog to share our love for this band with all of you other lovely fans and we really hope that it can mean something to you all as well. this is going to be a positive and active blog and all we really want out of it is to make friends and hopefully be able to help other fans make friends and connect with people over something we all have in common.

• love all time low, obvs
• talk to us! please don’t be afraid to send us an ask/submit. by talking to us you are also getting the chance to find new friends and interact with others
• submit your experiences/pictures of meeting atl. we would love to hear about it!
• smile and know that you’re not alone. this is a place where any fans can come and feel welcome and if you need to, we are always here and so is every other fan. we are family and i think it’s about time that we show that. if you need to talk and need someone to listen and give advice, we are all here


• send us or anyone any rude comments, opinions, or remarks about the band or a blog/blogger. we don’t want to read it and shouldn’t have to. just don’t be rude or negative okay?

we really hope that you all enjoy being on this blog as much as we enjoy running it. you’re all amazing and we love you. please don’t hesitate to be a part of it with us! ✿

That was unbelievable! What an amazing night. Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting the cause. Brought tears to my eyes. Xo

Photos by A. Elmakias.

Everyone who travelled to see us. Whether it was 1 mile or 5,000 miles, it means the world to us. Love you all like family :)